Rank 4

When I showed Mommy my 1st quarter exam results, she was surprised. It was a surprise of disappointment. I have been scolded with words and questions. Mommy said she is sorry that she rarely gets to review me but also mentioned that I should have learned to do it on my own especially that I am already in 4th grade. She told me to be self reliant and independent. I can always ask help from her but she wants to also see me do my part and explained that it will benefit me in so many ways. She even told me that I am lucky to be in a private school. My parents are products of public elementary schools. Mommy even had to study for 3 years at Buhi, Camarines Sur. She said that she sometimes go to school wearing just slippers, no money to buy anything and she had to walk to school and on her way back home. There was no TV, no computers nor cell phones. Since my great grandmother had a store and newspaper stand, Mommy gets to read a lot. They have a lot of newspaper, magazines and “komiks”. She always had her English-Tagalog dictionary at hand so when she comes across a word she cannot understand, she can easily look for it in the dictionary.

When the PTC was held, Mommy was again surprised that I end up at rank 4. We were not expecting that. She gave me a reward for that but still, the reminder to study before play is there. This week is our 2nd mid quarter exams already. I am hoping to show my parents better results. I like to feel good and be proud of my achievement too.

And, yes! I had a haircut! The cute hair accessory was made by Mommy.


Katya kate said...

Oh you're the smartest kid! Yes, study first then play. I love your face paint :) Stay good!

Visiting from PF,

wifetoalineman02 said...

do not feel bad when Mommy scolded you, she wants the best for you sweetie :-) you look pretty with our face painted, visiting for PF, hope you can visit me back here too


tejan said...

wow..good job Keanna.. stay as sweet, kind, smart and pretty kid!then you will gonna get what you deserves:)mwaah!

visiting from PF!