MGR#20 Pillows & Blankets

My sister likes to play pretend which she started at a very young age. I think I am a good teacher, lol! She can already play pretend on her own now. Mommy said she sometimes pretend to be cooking, pretends to be a rock star/singer and sometimes a photographer. But these play pretends for a toddler like her spells mess too! Check out this photo where she was trying to keep the pillows and blankets yet ended up playing and messing up with them. I was at school that time this was taken so she maybe pretending the pillows are her playmates. She must be missing me a lot whenever I am at school. Do you know that she get way too excited when I arrive in the afternoon? You'll hear a laughing scream every time I enter the gate or the door. Ha ha! I so love my sister even if she gets too physical sometimes that it hurts me. We do play mild wrestling too. lol!

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carinamodella said...

she's so cute! it is so sweet that she's waiting and excited to see you home.