Ruby Tuesday: BFFs

Mom said I am so blessed to have an instant BFF because she's an only child. She's dreamed of having a sibling but there are things that aren't really meant to be. But, she said it has been better that way because she has gained so many friends and still had a BFF, my grandMama, her Mom.

Mom brought us at SM Novaliches one Saturday. I remember that we had to buy some art stuff for a school project. She also ended up buying us 2 new play mats because it was on sale at 50% off. There was this standee that we found cute and Mom decided to let go behind it and took a photo of us. So cute, right?

We also has our late lunch at Jollibee. My BFF Roey enjoyed because she's so love Jollibee, the mascot.
This little person is totally playful and sometimes unpredictable but still very charming and adorable. I love my BFF, my sister Roey.

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