Viva Mexico! Our Class Theme

Just before our Health & Semestral Break was our school's foundation day celebration. Grade 4 Timothy was assigned to prepare for a Mexican performance. Our beloved teacher Ms. Jean thought of a very nice remix of songs from Mexico and so as this colorful costume personalized for each one of us.

We didn't win this year's dance competition but definitely had fun during our after class practices and actual presentation. Grade 4 Colossians won the intermediate level with their Kung Fu Panda inspired Chinese presentation. My BFF Andrea is included in the Colosians section and winning is a nice early gift to her. She will be turning 10 this month. Here's our latest photo together. I miss her company since I am in the other section. It's the first time we've been separated since Kindergarten.

Advance Happy Birthday Andrea Jasmine! I miss and love you always!

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