Messy Go Round2 #1 Pinterest -ing!

Messy Go Round is finally back!
Let's make round 2 more fun! We are starting off with a small giveaway which also requires just easy tasks.  We will raffle off 1 winner for this giveaway. You can win this very cute Mr. Krabs plush toy and eraser set like the one in my previous post.
 So, come join in the fun of messing around! =)

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Mommy has been addicted to Pinterest. She has tons of pins already and kept adding more. I find it interesting too because I see a lot of beautiful photos of bedrooms, toys and gadgets I have been dreaming about. Mom thought of creating this blog post for inspiration. And, I guess to invite everyone else too to join Pinterest and start organizing and planning the fun way!

Here's my sister in our bed. A bed you can fold and sit into. Sorry, I should have just said - folding bed! 
The photo below that is one of the many beautiful bedrooms I as a kid would like to have of course!

The mess in the first photo of the next set is care of my sister. Mom organized these toys upstairs in their bags, boxes and buckets but little sissy kept bringing a bag or a toy everytime. She kept adding more and leaves them in front of the television so she can easily grab anything she wants to play with. Clever idea but a little messy, right? Oh toddlers!
The next photo is what Mom dreams of having. If we only have a big place, we could have had it. Well, there's a dull wall in the living room - I could maybe ask Daddy to help out Mom in making one of this.

I guess I will be a Pinterest fanatic too. I always see Mom working on her own account and on another Pinterest account is has been part of her work.
Thank you  for joining and enjoy pining! 


Shengkay said...

wow!Messy is back! at marami kmi ni Iris naipon na messy photo!
will surely join this mommy..the flush toy is cool..
Ay naku kaninan lang ako bag try to log in sa pinterest..pero hindi ko na maalala talaga ang log in details ko..ang dami ko ng tinary..basta alam ko naka pag sign up na ako b2 under mommy May..sign na nga lang uli ako..hehehe..

Marie said...

Galing naman nito

Lalah said...

I'm glad this meme is back.... :)

sHeNgKaY said...

thanks mommy for reminding me sa FB..last night hinahanap ko yung giveaway na may pinterest..hindi ko maalala..hehehe..dito pala sayo yun..
have a nice dayahead mommy stef!

sHeNgKaY said...

mommy! can you invite me to pinterest?..I want top join your giveaway and i also want to join pin it!

thanks mommy stef!

jared's mum said...

the meme has been absent for quite some time, i am glad its back ^_^

joining for this week with my baby blog! :)

working mama said...

joining again for messy go round.. hope you can visit my post

Lalah said...

hi stef :) if ok lang can I ask for an invite sa Pintrest? pretty please.

Thanks in advance ha. :)