Messy Go Round2 #2 Rice Hoarding

Have you seen a 2 year old hoard cooked rice?

Yes! That's little sister trying to satisfy her hunger with "kaning lamig" directly from the rice cooker. 
We all laughed at her when she chewed, stopped, paused and giggled. Mommy said that Roey is a bit different from me because she can eat just rice and just veggies. Whenever Mom attempts to feed her with bits of veggies and rice together in a teaspoon, she would only chew the first serving and spill out the next ones. There's just one thing amazing with my sister..she eats onions and tomatoes for snack! haha! She can chew them like soft candies..imagine that!

This is our Messy Go Round today. Hope you enjoy our share and have fun visiting participants too of this cute meme for kids and kids at heart alike. 

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gagay said...

hahahaha..rice cooker talaga..hehehe..cute!