MSQC Top Models 2012

It was the last week of February when we had a modeling activity at school. This was participated by Grades 4 to 4th year High School students. 
This year's theme is "RED is the COLOR of PASSION and FASHION!"

 Held at the MSQC covered court, parents and supporters of model students were there. Of course, little sister and Mom attended my first modeling stint at school. 
 Mom suggested for me to wear a Red summer dress and so as bought me a summer hat from Divisoria. Grade 4's theme was quite easy to prepare and Mom was thankful that we were assigned the "summer" theme. Some of my classmates came in their best swim wear attires and props too. 
 My little sister wore Red too in support of the school's color theme. 
She even gladly posed each time Mommy takes a photo of me with my friends.
This one above was a photo with Phoebe and Roey who wore my summer hat all through out the event.
 Our awkward poses, as Mommy said. LoL!
We also had a shot with Ate Arielle, a grade 6 student who was dressed as Hatsune Miku. Roey got a little scared of her at first but when she realized it was just a costume, she allowed Ate Arielle to sit beside her for a souvenir shot. 

The event was fun-filled although I didn't win any award. The important thing is that it was a success. Besides, the modeling activity was for us students to develop grace, poise and confidence. This was part of the school's Personality Development Program and I am thankful that Mom never allowed herself to be absent in any of our school's activity. In case my parents send me to the same school next year, I know better and will definitely prepare for this event. Mom said I need to rehearse more and a modeling workshop I guess.


gagay 12:36 PM, March 05, 2012  

ang cute nya! may potential ha...

gagay 12:39 PM, March 05, 2012  

i love those hat Keana..yung little sis mo, super kulet..hehe

chrisair 5:01 PM, March 05, 2012  

yes we should expose our kids into this kind of event to develop their confidents

Matsumoto 5:23 PM, March 05, 2012  

wowow! cuteness to the max ang mga bebe! si roey kulet nga....

imriz 6:37 PM, March 05, 2012  

super agree, love the hat and your pretty red dress. you did well on your first modelling act.

Blanca 9:42 PM, March 05, 2012  

Wow I can see big potentials sa mga pretty girls na ito. Model an model ang peg.:)

Algene 11:21 PM, March 05, 2012  

Nakakatuwa ang pictures :)

Pinay Mama 10:59 AM, March 06, 2012  

Cuuute! I wish Elijah would also experience that kind of event in their school :)

marri 2:24 PM, March 06, 2012  

they're so cute! just adorable. i hope my kids can be models like them :)

Sheryl Apuhin 4:55 PM, March 06, 2012  

aba! at hindi pahuhuli si Roey!
nice summer dress Ate L..

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