Purple & Blue

It has been so long since I last visited my blog and posted an update about me and my sister. We have had so many activities together this summer vacation. Home activities I should say since Mom wasn't able to enroll me or Roey to any summer workshop. It's okay because I get to be with Mommy and Roey all the time. 

Why Purple and Blue? It's because I have loved the color Purple ever since I loved Barney and Princess Jasmine but then recently, I realized that I like Blue too. I'm liking it better than Purple now honestly. Check out my nail polish! I have the same color in my toe nails. My sister has the same nail color too! This is one thing I like about summer vacation, I get to be kikay. Once school days are back, I will not be able to color my nails anymore.

These photos were taken last Easter Sunday at Auntie Lola Estela's house in Project 8. 

By the way, Roey always imitate me - aside from wearing a new Blue summer dress...when asked what her fave color is, she says BLUE! I then remember Mommy said that I should be very careful with what I say and do because someone's being a copycat. 

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