SpongeBob Craze!

My sister and I love Spongebob Squarepants for the simple reason that he is such a happy - thing! (He is a sponge, right?) When McDonald's Philippines introduced this new happy Meal toy collection featuring Spongebob, we were able to complete it. Thanks to Daddy who surprisingly gave in to our requests. 

Holding our new toys and guess where we dined in? - Jollibee! Ha ha!

We were able to complete the Spongebob set of 8 toys. It features Spongebob as a Painter, Kung Fu Master, CEO, Astronaut, Police, Doctor, Dessert Chef and  Super Spongebob! 

Well, these were taken last April. Sorry for the late post. We went to Sm Novaliches where Roey had a new Pink sandals. Daddy bought a new jacket. I had tantrums and it irritated him. *grin

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