Two Voices, Two Teachers

Mom taught me how to enjoy scrapblog and she helped me saving it in Picasa and be able to create this short video clip. I wasn't able to grab portraits of my other classmates but successful on some. Good thing that there were pictures of group shots. I may have quite a number of appearances in this video clip (hehe) which is simply because I have lots of photos with my friends. There were 2 sections for the Grade 3 students for the school year 2010-2011 and I am included in the group headed by Ms. Jane and we are called 3-Ephesians. The other group or section is 3-Galatians which is headed by Ms. Laine.

Just this morning was our school's 15th Recognition Day. Unfortunately and for the first time, Mom didn't have a camera to click some souvenir photos. We had some shots using her mobile phone instead and other pictures were taken using my classmates' cameras. I enjoyed this day since Mom and my sister Haley were present for me. Daddy didn't make it because of his work schedule but it is okay and I understand. My sister was so cute and excited to go up the stage with me. I received two awards this year, 2nd place English declamation contest and Rank 5. Mom promised to enroll me in the McDonalds Kiddie Crew Workshop as a reward. I am but excited!

Again, this video clip is a way to thank my Grade 3 adviser, Ma'am Jane. She will no longer be teaching next school year and we will totally miss her. Thank you as well to Ma'am Laine for being so nice to me and to my classmates. We salute you our teachers. Let's keep in touch.
Love you both!

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kat said...

Job well done! Congrats!

Anyway, following you here now Big sis.